Our Aims

We direct our fundraising efforts towards helping severely disabled people to keep moving forward, in terms of improved physical mobility and cognitive development. For example, the purchases of specialist equipment such as standing frames, custom chairs or sensory equipment and related services can aid the physical mobility or stimulate the senses of severely disabled people and thereby increase the range of activities they can participate in on a daily basis. Please help us to help the powerless.

The power of the powerless is this – that they offer love although they may not be able to speak words of love, they create joy although they suffer grievously, they give hope although in the worldly sense their lives may be failures, and they enkindle courage although they may not be able to move on their own. In a world that so much wants to control life and decide what is good, healthy, important, valuable and worthwhile; the truth is that their power comes in simply being – and in simply being – doing so much for us. They evoke the best love that is in us, and make us better human beings. They help us grow in virtues of devotion, wisdom, perseverance, kindness, patience and loyalty.

(paraphrased from De Vinck., C. “The Power of the Powerless: A brother’s legacy of love”)

But Why?

Our eldest brother is 32 years of age and has been mentally and physically disabled since an incident when he was six months old. He is a wheel-chair user with severe learning difficulties. He is unable to communicate with speech, but his language of love speaks to us louder than words ever could. Having grown up with and cared for our brother for some 20 years has instilled in us a compassion for people in need. We are therefore highly motivated to help those in need.

Having a physical disability presents challenges, but people learn to cope with and even to overcome the challenges posed by their conditions. By taking part in extremely challenging endurance sports events such as the ‘TransWales 2009’ and the ‘2010 ABSA Cape Epic’ mountain-bike races, our efforts are directed at raising awareness of and raising funds to help people with severe physical and learning disabilities. We are passionate about this cause. At the simplest level is the realisation that the physical challenges we set ourselves by participating in tough endurance sports events cannot even parallel those faced every day by people with disabilities.

Below are a few photos together with our brother.

Team FastForward Rider Profiles

Rider 1: Werner Bšumker
- Age on race day: 27
- Currently completing a Ph.D in Real Estate Finance
- Grosvenor, London
- B.Sc (Hons), MPhil (Cantab)

Rider 2: Theresia Bšumker
- Age on race day: 25
- Currently a Researcher at the Personal Social Services Research Unit, working on a UK Department of Health funded project
- Currently completing a Ph.D in Health Economics
- B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc (Distinction)

Previous Endurance Challenges?

Below are the details of a previous fundraising challenge undertaken for charity:

date title description
Sept. 2007 End2End During September 2007, Werner cycled 1039 miles (1662km) across the British Isles, from Land's End to John O'Groats in 12 days.